Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Homemade Olaf from Frozen Costume

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Homemade Olaf from Frozen Costume:

plush white robe (got mine at Goodwill)
scrap black fabric/felt for buttons
twigs for arms

Step 1- sew small hem on bottom of robe and add elastic.
Step 2- sew closed the front of the robe (leave enough room in neck to get off & on)  
the front of the robe will become the back
Step 3- sew on fabric buttons
Step 4- cut sleeves off

*the belt from the robe is perfect for dividing the snowman- just tie tightly in the back

 white crochet/knit beanie (found mine at Goodwill)
orange fabric/felt for nose
black paper/fabric/felt for eyes & eyebrows
twigs for hair
white paper/fabric for teeth

Step 1- cut triangle of orange fabric, sew long edges together (inside out), turn right side, stuff with filler, & sew on to beanie.
Step 2- cut & sew on eyes & eyebrows
Step 3- attach twigs ( I poked them through, sewed & duct taped them on the inside and then duct taped some fabric over top of edges to keep the sticks from poking the head)
Step 4 - sew on teeth


  1. There’s something special about this movie that I’m soooo addicted to it. Maybe because it tells more of sisterly love, something that’s been neglected to most of the romantic animated films. Happy enough that Frozen the movie was a sure hit at home. Lol!
    and YES! Olaf was a part of my entire addiction =)))